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BM_EGBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

Blabbermouth Marketing is no longer the ‘New Kid on the Block’. The Marketing Agency, based in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, has been trading now for over a year. Founder and MD Elizabeth Sparrow is thrilled with its success and rate of growth. She says “When I was Sales & Marketing Director at O-bit I had identified for many years the requirement for telecoms resellers to market their product and services more actively. I could see that many resellers wanted to get involved in marketing and that they could see the benefits of brand development and product promotion but did not know where to start. I recognised a strong niche in the telco reseller market for marketing advice and services and took it  from there. We started with a team of three and were in the secure position of starting the company with four loyal clients.” The agency has since grown at a fast pace and now has more than doubled its staff numbers and has an enviable client list that keeps on growing. Sparrow has no doubt that resellers are very receptive to marketing opportunities and have the imagination to see how well thought through and executed campaigns can further grow their business.

The Blabbermouth Team’s aim is to cater for the whole Channel whilst keeping a firm eye on delivering consistently unique corporate identities and campaigns. Sparrow knows that this is very important for the success of the Agency. “The channel is relatively small and regular networking events means that people talk! We never use standard layouts and stock designs for our clients as it is vital that no two resellers look the same. Each company is unique and because we work closely with our clients, the team work hard at identifying these characteristics and working them into something that is new and fresh every time. Sparrow claims that the team have leveraged the close nature of the industry to their advantage and that word of mouth and client recommendations is a very successful vehicle for new business growth.

Blabbermouth is a fully integrated agency as their client base has such varying requirements. Company size differences is dramatic and the levels of existing marketing support is also wide-ranging. Some of their clients are large corporate that already have in-house marketing support. Sparrow says “Where we come in is to further strengthen time periods such as during product launches. Our other popular offering is our ‘Outsourced Marketing Team ‘which delivers all the marketing services a company requires in the most efficient and hassle free method possible.”

Some might say it is unwise to set up a company during a double dip recession especially in the marketing arena where budgets are usually the first to get cut during hard times. However the success story of Blabbermouth only proves that positioning a brand and service correctly can reap benefits. Sparrow goes on to say “We have been in recession for so long now that after the initial knee jerk reactions of companies to cut costs wherever possible, companies are now taking a more strategic approach and thinking hard about how, with investment, they can build their sales and corporate positioning and aggressively take on their competitors to gain market share.” She adds “For resellers wishing to dip their toe in the cool waters of marketing activity, an agency service is ideal as the service is not only offered by marketing professionals but the services are scalable and budget driven. There are no staffing overheads and so services are flexible with no long term financial commitment. We do find that many of our clients initially work with us on smaller projects to tentatively test marketing activity but soon sign up to much larger campaigns but like the idea that it is to a certain extent risk free as they always have the option to tone down their activity if the purse strings have to tighten.”

Sparrow sees 2013 as an exciting year for Blabbermouth with many clients already signed up for their integrated 2013 marketing campaigns. Sparrow adds “We are on a continuous path to increase the team as there is so obviously a high demand for marketing services in the Channel. 2013 will see ongoing growth in the data service sector as well as unique new products going to market. Both of which need strong and aggressive marketing! I am very confident that many more resellers will be coming out of the woodwork to experience the joys of marketing!”