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BM_EGBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

What is your key corporate messaging? If it is ‘Great Customer Service’ you need to put some serious time aside to revisit this.

The key is to focus on your USP (Unique Selling Point) as a business entity, not the products you provide. If you spend your energy and marketing budget on a product focussed message, chances are your competitors offer more or less the same product and then you are going to be judged purely on price.

If you strengthen your brand messaging by proving your USP is genuine and not just marketing fluff then your brand will engage existing clients encouraging them up-sell and cross-sell. USP messaging will also reinforce a positive brand perception with your prospect base. Remember consistency is key here. The message must be the same across all sectors of your business.

A strong simple message is a good place to start, simplicity is key as not only do you have limited time to shout your message but your audience my vary depending on what vertical you are targeting.

Choosing your message is harder than it sounds as it needs to stand the test of time if you are going to invest in promoting and reinforcing the message. What happens if you become acquisitive and broaden your product offering overnight? A product focussed message would instantly be inaccurate.

Highlight why you are better and focus on those points with enthusiasm and with true examples. ‘A friendly service’ has been said a million times and is therefore ignored as a reason for client engagement. ‘A friendly service because of X Y and Z’ reinforces that your message is not just empty words. Case studies packed with genuine USPs and working examples are invaluable in this exercise.