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BM_EGBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

Case studies are an area that the Blabber team and I are being asked to produce at an increasing rate. This growth area is great for the agency but also a marketing activity I am in full support of and I think very helpful for the comms industry.

We are seeing an increasing number of our reseller clients wanting to focus on verticals. Case studies are a perfect way of demonstrating how they understand the requirements and indeed feel the pain of the comms challenges these specific industries experience.

In an industry that is driven by technology, and therefore sometimes difficult for key stakeholders to understand or indeed get excited about, a case study can cover the areas that do pique their interest – most often money saved and client satisfaction. With fresh and relevant content being so important for SEO, case studies deliver the requirements for informative content on web sites and encourage site traffic.

Traditional case studies are very popular but we are also seeing an increase in video case studies, again adding in movement to your website improves your Google rankings. Video case studies further encourage the viewer to engage in the messaging as the visual storytelling is often easier to digest and the addition of music and voice overs also increase the chances of prospects wanting to know more.

As always though, it is important that you not only have great case studies but that you promote them. I find lots of people have thought hard about the content of their case study but give little thought about how they will push it out to their target audience. There is no point having a great case study if no one even knows it exists!