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BM_EGBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

Keywords are old hat but content marketing is a must for your 2014 wardrobe. The good news is that SEO is no longer mythical wizardry costing thousands of pounds a month with nothing to show for a good part of the year.

Our friends at Google have altered the rules yet again in a bid to support genuine businesses and individuals who have something interesting to say. Organic growth in search engine optimisation can now be more easily achieved by simply creating original and meaningful content.

Content marketing complements Google’s aims of creating a fairer, more realistic online search environment that not only offers a better experience for users but also the writers that genuinely have something to say. This means that successful SEO can be more easily achieved by resellers as the focus has moved away from keywords and now encourages legitimate, intelligent content that truly enriches reader’s knowledge.

Therefore resellers need to move away from the opinion that you will only get exposure if you constantly repeat words such as ‘cloud’, ‘broadband’ and ‘hosted’. Those days have long gone and now you can actually get penalised for over using words. Intelligent news and discussions is what you need to be focusing on as constant, fresh and original opinion pieces will make you the blue eyed boy of the Google Guy.

Prospective clients will see you when they are looking for information for their business as a whole, not just when they are doing the obvious searches for IT and telecoms services. Creating content gives you better visibility in search engines so as your impressions increase so too should your click-throughs and site exposure.