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We often hear that establishing your brand sounds too idealistic in the world of sales. Focus is largely given to the practical, hard goals such as making the quarterly numbers, increasing market share, and streamlining costs? All of these practical goals are without a doubt crucial. It’s great practice to want to be the best-performing business around, with the highest standards, the strongest team, and the most satisfied customers. But the best businesses aim higher.

We don’t believe you get there through vision and mission statements.

When you strip away the platitudes from these documents, what’s left typically boils down to business’s wanting to become or remain the leader of the competitor pack. It is certainly a valiant goal for every business but as a brand strategy this way of thinking aims too low. It locks you into a brand solely based on the needs of the business, not that of the customer. More often than not these statements only address the customer in terms of the business’s agenda.

We believe in finding where your customers needs interconnect with your own.

Truly sustainable brands are linked to fundamental values. If you want great business results, you and your brand have to stand for something compelling. And that’s where brand shared ideals enter the equation.

The business case for brand ideals is not altruism or business platitude. It concerns connecting what happens inside a business with what happens outside it, especially in the customers minds and the way they make decisions. If you’re willing to align your business with a fundamental shared ideal, you can achieve extraordinary growth.

Your brand should represent the collective intent of the people it touches. From employees to customers, we define who you are and how you position yourself as a business. The ability to leverage this ideal is what separates great business leaders from good, bad, or indifferent ones. The brands shared ideals should act as a framework for the business’s essential reason for being and the higher-order benefit it brings to the market.

Building a strong strategic brand framework helps to create a genuine connection based on common goals with your most desired customer and the market. The journey to building trust is the ultimate route to a purchase decision.

Our tried and tested Brand Workshop process has helped clients like Sky, Wavenet and ACS create brands that form a shared and strongly differentiated vision, in an actionable framework.