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BM_ES2By Elizabeth Sparrow, Managing Director – Blabbermouth

Keeping your brand current is never more important than when it operates in a technology field so as the market evolves it is natural that you should evolve too. Re-invention can be exciting but it is important to stay true to your core values and ensure any adjustments are subtle and necessary.

It is important to move with the changes, to plan ahead and align your brand and strategy with a direction that will create you the best return, it is also imperative to stay true to the original values and vision for the company.

Operating in a technology field is exciting but only if you keep your finger on the pulse of new developments. The Telecoms and IT market is shifting forcibly towards cloud computing and unified communications and if the traditional reseller is still focusing on hardware sales or looking for a return on line rental and calls, they are unlikely to survive this form of telco natural selection.

It may be a case that your brand no longer reflects the depth and breadth of the company vision. Companies evolve so quickly, especially in the Channel, that what seems appropriate a few years ago now seems hopelessly outdated. Slogans can become irrelevant if your product focus or indeed route to market shifts plus the constant flux of competitors means your point of difference may be challenged.

The execution of a brand refresh needs to be well planned and scheduled in great detail. Not getting this right can send out the wrong message and end up doing more harm than good. Remember the most important people to communicate a rebrand too are your clients but don’t forget the media and key affiliate. It is vital that the whole company buys into the refreshed brand image as all external communication should further reinforce your message.