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BM_EGBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

It’s that time of year again. Marketing plans are written, activity schedules are being finalised and marketing activity for 2014 is go.

I thought it would be beneficial to list the key areas that many resellers would find helpful for their own marketing ideas. While every company is unique and differentiation is key, some basic rules can be applied.

Planning: This is a vital exercise and was discussed in one of my previous articles. Planning is key and should be firmly integrated into your business strategy and corporate goals. Ensure all key stakeholders are on board with your marketing ideas.

Know your customers: Get a true understanding of your clients’ business, their key objectives and pain points. If you know this you can offer them meaningful services that will enrich their business environment.

Don’t confuse: Be clear on your key messaging and ensure this message is repeated in the same fashion across as many channels and as often as your budget will allow.

Be open minded: There are many more routes of communication than before. Experiment with video, SEO and social media but always ensure it is integrated with your more traditional activities.

Don’t be stubborn: Give new marketing ideas a chance to establish but equally do not continue with a route that is not working for your business. Use this knowledge to create a new more successful campaign and move on.

ROI: Always a hot topic. Utilise the monitoring tools readily available for online activity. Speak to your sales team who engage directly with your clients on a daily basis. Although not automated, they have knowledge that offers invaluable insight into your campaign success and how it was received by your target audience.