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elvire-gosnoldBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

Earlier this week, the Guardian reported that Microsoft was revealed the UK’s most influential brand, which got me thinking… what makes a brand influential? They tend to be companies that inspire, inform and motivate their audience. With the Internet being already saturated with content, becoming an influential brand is a great challenge for many companies.

Often a brand will influence the way we live through technology, with many brands seen to be trendsetters and innovative. Compare the Market is a key example of a brand which has taken insurance to a whole nother level! The meerkats have become a brand in their own right, which encourages audience engagement all-year-round as opposed to just once a year when a policy is up for renewal. Brands, such as Compare the Market, impact the way we behave, shop and think, and here’s how:

Understanding the target audience – marketing campaigns are tailored, relevant and specific to a particular audience, which is key to ensuring maximum engagement.

Being online and social – staying active online and interactive on social media is a fantastic way to increase influence on the internet. Even Aleksandr Orlov the meerkat has a Twitter account!

Being unique – getting the brand noticed and shared helps build a brand story.

Providing relevant content – by producing content that your audience wants to see or by offering a solution to a problem is an essential way of increasing an online influence.

Your brand is such a valuable part of running a business. We regularly run Brand Workshops here to help companies understand what their brand values are. It’s not always down to a pretty logo and a creative strapline. The bottom line is… do people have a genuine connection with your brand? Over to you…