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BM_ES2By Elizabeth Sparrow, Managing Director – Blabbermouth

After the initial rush to have an online presence, companies seem to have lost interest in their online representation. Many seem to forget that their brand needs to be reflected through all their marketing collateral which of course includes their website. In order for sales and advertising campaigns to be truly integrated, they should also have a large presence on the company’s website. This visual as well as written reminder of the current marketing campaigns further reinforces its presence in the mind of the client or prospect.

There are many reasons for this loss of site enthusiasm. Number one being that our online footprint is now taken for granted so it is no longer the sexy new gadget that everyone wants to get involved in so who is left to do the mundane site updates, offer changes, price list uploads? How many websites do you see that have 2012 dates? Far too many! This is also because many sites were set up by individuals who have since lost contact with the firm in question or want to charge astronomical amounts just to change some page content so site updates get pushed to bottom or everyone’s ‘to do list’ due to cost or time constraints. The good news is that new sites can now be built that are far more user-friendly and easy to update by company staff. You no longer need to be a mystical ‘Techi’ to add on your latest press release to your website – yes you can do it yourself and while you are at update your ‘latest offer page’!

A sure fire way to ignite your passion for your website is to regularly track the traffic flow to your site. Are you monitoring activity on your site at all? This is an invaluable tool to measure your success rates on all sales and marketing activity. I get quite obsessed with my charts and percentage breakdowns and watching how a press release or a new advertising campaign spikes visits to our sites. And yes it does go some way to answer that incessant question ‘What is the ROI?’. Now you can delve even deeper into your site’s visits and gain a better understanding into visitor behaviour by tracking what pages they went to, how long they stayed there and what company they are from.

And finally a point for you to think about… is your website adaptable and flexible enough to welcome the increase use of tablet and phone web browsing?