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BM_ES2By Elizabeth Sparrow, Managing Director – Blabbermouth

The market offers a fertile ground for new business start-ups but a limited budget and an eagerness to get started results in the focus being on tools rather than identity. Unfortunately this will lead to a faceless addition to the industry with little differentiating you from competitors.

Often companies start with a requirement for a logo and a website which are undoubtedly essential tools for any business but targeting this without answering some basic questions about what you want to establish may result in you having to continually re-address this. Sending out differing messages to your target market will lead to confusion and mean your brand is unlikely to become synonymous with anything. It makes it more difficult to sell your service if clients don’t immediately recognise you or the advantages of doing business with you.

It does not have to cost a penny to start off on the right foot. There are a few basic questions that you should spend some time thinking about these this will form the axis on which your new business will spin. How do you want to be known, what do you want to achieve, what do you bring that is different, what problems are you addressing for clients, what type of business  do you want to grow, where do you want to be in 1,3 and 5 years? You can engage with marketing and PR companies to assist you but ultimately it will come down to you and your objectives.

Once you have identified the answers to these questions then it is time to get started and speak to a design or marketing agency about designing your logo, your website and formalising your values.  In terms of design there are a plethora of options open to you but if you come with a defined identity it will enable the execution of the detail to be far more effective.