Game of Thrones as Brand Archetypes

Game of Thrones as Brand Archetypes

Apr 29, 2019 | Branding, Consultancy

Developing a strong brand requires developing a strong brand personality. Just like people, your business’s brand has a personality. This determines how customers connect with you and whether or not they want to do business with you. Game of Thrones as Brand Archetypes is an important part of understanding your brand personality. Knowing which Archetype your business is often subjective but help is at hand. Many people in our great nation have a healthy relationship with the world of Game of Thrones. Let’s check out the brand archetypes through the attributes of our favourite characters. Do you recognise yourself?   Here are the 12 basic archetypes, a brand can assume.. according to the Seven Kingdoms:     The Ruler wants absolute power Luxury and exclusivity – A ruler brand is a gatekeeper. Perception as high-quality and expensive is critical, so product categories that fall under this umbrella include jewellery and high-end vehicles. Proudly lauding their influence and accomplished leadership skills, ruler archetypes have no desire to conceal their aspirations for power and control. Having worked constantly to build a superior status within their industry, ruler archetypes are confident and embody stability and trust worthiness. American Express, Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz communicate a sense of luxury and power throughout their advertising campaigns, encouraging aspiration and celebrating affluence.     The Hero wants to prove himself The hero makes the world better by being the best. A hero brand isn’t concerned with nurturing, it’s there to challenge you. If you want to rise to the occasion, you’re going to need a hero’s help. The U.S. Army is the ultimate example of a...
Establishing a shared ideology

Establishing a shared ideology

Feb 14, 2019 | Branding, Consultancy

We often hear that establishing your brands shared ideology sounds too idealistic in the world of sales. Focus is largely given to the practical, hard goals such as making the quarterly numbers, increasing market share, and streamlining costs? All of these practical goals are without a doubt crucial. It’s great to want to be the best-performing business, with the highest standards, strongest team, and most satisfied customers. But the best businesses aim higher.   We don’t believe you get there through vision and mission statements.   When you strip away the platitudes from these documents, what’s left typically boils down to business’s wanting to become the leader of the competitor pack. It is certainly a valiant goal for every business but as a brand strategy this way of thinking aims too low. It locks you into a brand solely based on the needs of the business, not that of the customer. More often than not these statements only address the customer in terms of the business’s agenda.   We believe in finding where your customers needs interconnect with your own.     Truly sustainable brands are linked to fundamental values. If you want great business results, you and your brand have to stand for something compelling. And that’s where brand shared ideals enter the equation. The business case for brand ideals is not altruism or business platitude. It concerns connecting what happens inside a business with what happens outside it. This is especially true in the customers minds and the way they make decisions. If you’re willing to align your business with a fundamental shared ideal, you can achieve...

Why should you consider a marketing retainer?

Jan 16, 2019 | Other

Many client’s signup to a retainer to ensure they receive the support and services they need to market their business successfully. Clients on a retainer can mix and match services including; Marketing Strategy, PR and Media, Brand, Website, Content Writing, Social Media and Email Automation. What are the benefits of a marketing retainer? Signing up to a marketing retainer comes with many advantages; High quality marketing Utilising a marketing agency for your advertising and brand endeavours means that you will have the best people are working on your projects. This will ensure you have relevant, quality and high performing marketing material. Consistent Messaging A retainer with an agency will keep your marketing consistent. Your content will be written by the same people, creating a unified message that is on brand. Development of a Relationship The ability to have a designated Account Manager who you can become an extension of your team is a clear benefit of a retainer. Your Account Manager will understand your queries and know what goals and expectations you have for your marketing. Clear Roadmap Your roadmap is a clear action plan listing the stages necessary to achieve your goal. Being on a retainer allows for future planning so that time to be budgeted accordingly. Return on Investment Working with the same team ensures the metrics from your marketing activities can be tracked and reported on, enabling you to clearly see the ROI coming from each marketing activity. Creative Generation Allowing a marketing agency to fully understand your brand and goals and work with you long term, results in creative marketing which drives your specific business...

GDPR Guide

May 23, 2018 | Web

Check out our Free GDPR guide We are pleased to offer our Free guide to GDPR “Your guide to the GDPR marketing journey”. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our articles, our offers, and promotions. As a welcome gift, we will send you a copy of our Free GDPR guide. Your Name (required) Your Email (required) You accept the terms of our privacy policy. View our privacy...

Blabbermouth Marketing Expand into North West Office

May 9, 2018 | PR

Telecom and IT specialists Blabbermouth Marketing are reaping the rewards of their success by launching a second office in the North West of England.  Ribchester, in the heart of the picturesque Ribble Valley, is a hive of activity around the Manor Court complex; a hub for local businesses in state of the art modern facilities. Elizabeth Sparrow, Founder and Director of Blabbermouth Marketing said ‘’The business is thriving and the acquisition of an additional office was a natural step and supports us as we enter the next stage of our growth.  We have contacts across the UK so we now have a base to welcome our Northern clients, as well as still offering the same exceptional service to our existing customers’’. Elizabeth, originally from the North West is delighted to be making the journey back to her roots with her family ‘’There’s some fab talent here and I’m enthusiastic about providing jobs in the area I grew up in’’. The future for Blabbermouth Marketing As plans for the future are progressed, the real focus of Blabbermouth Marketing is the increasing need for digital marketing and the associated branding.  The new team in the North brings a wealth of experience from marketing, strategy, sales and design backgrounds.  When combined with the Directors’ specialist market knowledge, they ensure they provide customers with the consistent, joined-up marketing solutions Blabbermouth is synonymous with. Blabbermouth Marketing continues to provide design, web, social marketing, videography, content and so much more.  To find out more call us on 0800 977 7077 or contact...