Candover Clinic

Brand building with informative website


The Situation

Candover Clinic is a brand new private hospital that offers superior healthcare in a safe and luxurious environment. Unlike most private clinics, Candover is owned and operated by the NHS Trust and is an investment that provides additional funding to support NHS services.

Blabbermouth began to collaborate with Candover a year after the hospital was opened. Marketing until then had been very sparse and Candover were conscious that effective marketing needed to be implemented as a priority as the clinic was under pressure to be profitable quickly.


The Solution

There were several challenges the clinic were experiencing that effective marketing would play a vital role in addressing.

The brand needed to be pushed and made recognisable in the community. Target audiences needed to be made aware of the clinic and actively engage with the brand in a positive manner. A new website was needed to encourage this local communication.

In addition, the clinic wanted to attract leading consultants to practice at the clinic, as it was key that Candover was regarded as a leading medical establishment, providing exemplary levels of care and treatment. Consultants, therefore, needed to trust the brand and perceive it as a high quality institution that would benefit their own medical careers.

The clinic also relied on some services and general cooperation from NHS staff that shared the same campus as Candover. Candover needed a platform to clearly explain that the private clinic was in fact owned by the NHS and created to actually support NHS activity – therefore benefiting the wider community.

As Candover had little existing branded collateral for existing patients and prospects, the website needed to be revisited and re-designed to be used as an informative web destination for the wider public who may have health concerns.


The Result

As soon as Blabbermouth engaged with Candover, the four key challenges were immediately addressed. The logo was used as the starting point to develop an eye-catching, professional brand personality that would be promoted across multi-marketing channels. A plethora of brochures, leaflets and cards were designed and distributed to existing and potential patients. This included in-room guides and information designed to reinforce the brand to existing patients and their families. The intense branding activity also increased the confidence amongst consultants that Candover Clinic was a professional and successful clinic with great potential that could benefit their own careers.

The new website was created to be an informative medical destination and offers lots of information to patients and families in order to address queries they may have in potentially stressful situations.

In order to improve NHS staff cooperation, bright murals were designed by Blabbermouth on behalf of Candover and presented to the NHS hospital as a way of improving NHS facilities for everyone to enjoy.

A multi-prong advertising campaign has followed that includes bus, petrol station nozzle, radio and magazine advertising. Blabbermouth fully manages the campaigns which give a huge boost to the Candover brand in their local area.

The benefits of Blabbermouth marketing have been impressive. Patient numbers continue to rise steadily through repeat patient and new patient numbers. Candover is now near to full consultant capacity and is building a good name for itself. Blabbermouth continues to heavily push the Candover brand and regularly supports the clinic with new packages and promotions.

Before Blabbermouth our marketing was practically non-existent. We now have a professional, established brand that is undoubtedly helping with our growth in market share.

Mark Rawlinson, Commercial Manager, Candover Clinic