Daisy Wholesale

Blabbermouth inject brand personality into Daisy Wholesale

The Situation

Daisy Wholesale initially had an in-house marketing function that fed into the Daisy Group marketing department. As Daisy Wholesale grew, through both acquisitions and organic growth, the perceived rigidity of processes and campaign turnaround timeframes wanted to be explored. Activity was also identified as being fragmented with no joined-up approach.

The Daisy Wholesale brand whilst known required a review and image overhaul – the challenge being to deliver this under the watchful eye of strict head office brand rules.

The Solution

Daisy Wholesale wanted to turnaround Channel perception and present itself as an innovative, friendly aggregator that offered a robust, personable service.

Clear brand guidelines from Group head office needed to be respected but at the same time personality needed to be injected into a brand that needed a complete revamp. An integrated plan was established that spanned the wider marketing mix and focussed on client and prospect communication via a multi-touch approach.

Clear messaging was established and key figure-heads of the division were heavily promoted within the trade arena. Brand identity was extended rather than reinvented as existing brand guidelines needed to be adhered to but artistic licence was encouraged to create a brand that breathed life into its communications.

Digital marketing became a regular and effective way to communicate with the various Daisy stakeholders and included newsletters, updates, notifications, promotions and advertising. Other forms of media were also introduced including video case studies, online product specialist interviews and animated service overviews.

Corporate events and regional roadshows were also increased so ensure clients and prospects had regular and easy access to the Daisy team. Blabbermouth not only organised these events but also ensured the collateral, merchandise and actual exhibition stands were all in place.

Trade advertising also played a significant role in this joined-up marketing approach and the adverts were further reinforced via social media, e-marketing and featured on websites.


The Result

Brand perception is now very positive and despite an aggressive push in the market this was handled in a sensitive manner that reflected the Channel’s mood for fair competition.

New business sales continue to increase organically with impressive growth of channel resellers partnering with Daisy.

New companies are continuing to be acquired and are effectively integrated into this now established brand to not only reduce churn but to also create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Daisy Wholesales’ profile has been significantly raised, in a positive manner, with them winning awards and high customer voting – all entered and managed by Blabbermouth. Consistent and multi-channel messaging has effectively repositioned Daisy to give them a more human element. A strong, well-planned joined-up marketing approach with lots of communication and regular client feedback has successfully reassured clients and prospects that despite being a large company, all customers are nurtured and valued.

The Blabbermouth team are really approachable and deliver a consistently great service!

Garry Growns, Wholesale Sales Director, Daisy Wholesale