Modernising an established brand

The Situation

Glemnet Telecommunications is a company with a solid client base and telco experience spanning two decades. However technology has changed over this period and Glemnet’s owners were conscious that their branding and corporate messaging needed to move with the times.

A complete brand review and overhaul was necessary, especially as Glemnet’s offices were undergoing a facelift so the physical environment also needed to be updated in unison with the new corporate personality.

The Solution

Blabbermouth came recommended from a Glemnet partner as our in-house skills included design, consultancy and marketing.

Taking Glemnet’s existing identity and colour palette, Blabbermouth was tasked with not only updating the visual side of the brand but also to refresh the tone and presentation of the overall company as a modern and exciting business. This was implemented by first assessing the core products that were on offer and then condensing them to create a succinct list. This was further illustrated with a stylish set of icons.

Icons were then coupled with harmonious branding across all printed collateral, ensuring the product offering was consistently promoted and revised with updated messaging throughout. Blabbermouth then reflected the new and improved branding throughout the company’s office with wall vinyls.

The Result

Glemnet has transformed into a modern brand with reinvented, attention-grabbing designs. A brand pack was given to Glemnet to ensure that brand consistency would continue in the future when using various third parties, such as interior designers.

The succinct and relevant messaging meant that the wider Glemnet team members now understand the company ethos and in turn, relay the new personality in their own presentations and client dialogue. The office wall branding not only enhances the customer experience when visiting the company, but also includes the staff and their engagement in the refresh.

The branding project has breathed life into our company and energised the team.

Neil Linter, MD, Glemnet