Blabbermouth revitalises Koris’ brand and generates outstanding ROI

The Situation

Koris is a well-established technology company that boasts years of technical knowledge and a solid team of very qualified engineers. Koris places great importance on customer satisfaction and the fact that it has not lost a client through poor service in the past nine years is testament to its passion for service. The team at Koris knew that their brand was looking tired and needed a better online presence. In addition to the presentation of the company, the experienced and dynamic sales team were keen to aggressively grow their market share but needed the marketing tools and support to kick-start their activity and then assist them as an ongoing service.

Koris and Blabbermouth initially collaborated to identify the need to work on a brand push through various routes to market in order to nurture new business in the future. Their logo and all company identity needed a revisit, as well as their website which was outdated and did not accurately communicate their passion for service.

The Solution

Blabbermouth was called in as market knowledge was required to generate meaningful content for Koris’ website and wider collateral. The fast turnaround of the Blabbermouth web and design departments meant that the complete overhaul of the brand could start immediately with the web project running simultaneously alongside it.

Since Blabbermouth has proven experience in generating sales support with good ROI, Koris was confident that its sales team would rapidly get the new business meetings they wanted. This was generated through multi-channel marketing approaches such as e-marketing, webinars, corporate events, direct mail campaigns and far more effective prospect communication. Blabbermouth also arranged processes that allowed us to work with the individual Koris sales team, enabling them to focus on their own specific sales targets and offer completely tailored marketing support across the sales department.

The logo was revitalised along with a brand refresh that mirrored Koris’ key message – ServiceFirst. A new, on-trend website was developed to compliment Koris’ new image along with improved social media activity and effective communication to clients and prospects.

The Result

Koris has seen an impressive increase in sales since Blabbermouth revitalised its marketing activity. The past 6 months have generated the following ROI:

  • 54 new leads generated through 2 direct mail campaigns, e-shots and social media
  • Webinar promotion on social media and through e-shots saw the number of attendees increase by 38%
  • From 16 attendees at a Koris event, 12 leads were generated with a potential £1m+ worth of business
  • On average, 2 new qualified sales leads are generated from every e-shot sent
  • On average, 8 new meaningful sales leads are generated from every direct mail campaign
  • £50k worth of new business was generated by 2 direct mail campaigns providing an impressive 1150% ROI

We are extremely pleased with the ROI Blabbermouth has delivered. Their marketing activity has undoubtedly increased our sales.

Craig McCalley, Sales and Marketing Director, Koris