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BM_EGBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

It will come as no surprise to you that some of our work at the agency is focused on promoting hosted telephony and explaining the benefits of cloud based technology to end-user businesses. The agility of a workforce in constantly improving and employees are even expecting employers to offer flexibility in hours and geographic areas to improve work / life balance. This got me thinking about how far marketing agencies can push the virtual workforce concept. When discussing briefs and presenting concepts, I find that so much feedback is based on body language and non-verbal cues. Plus the enthusiasm of the design and marketing teams are so important when explaining the thoughts behind marketing activity and bringing projects to life. Can conference calls really capture the vision of the marketing team or the true reactions of the client?

Brand personality is a large factor in reinforcing messaging and maintaining brand consistently.  Call me old fashioned but I find actually visiting the offices of clients and meeting the team and seeing their environments first hand gives me the clues and pointers I need to ensure that the desired corporate perception is not way out of kilter with the reality.

The upside of home working and multisite working is that teams can comfortably work at client offices or on the train so that design briefs especially, can be relayed immediately after client meetings so that the passion and the original plans can be relayed to the design team as fresh as when they were conceived. Agency teams can now spend the working day at client site progressing projects and really immerse themselves in client life. So in conclusion cloud computing is actually allowing us to use our time more efficiently at client sites rather than reducing the time spent at the client offices.