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BM_EGBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

Stop – you can’t go out celebrating Christmas just yet. You need to think about your 2016 marketing plan – it does not write itself.

I have listed below some pointers you may find helpful to include in your plan.

Be realistic – what are your business goals as a whole and how do you plan to measure your success? Marketing ROI can be tricky to measure, so think now how you will analyse your activity. It is helpful to include details of when these targets should be met so the wider team has a solid timeframe to work with.

Here is the fact that surprises many – marketing is not free in terms of money or time. It is wise to budget for each activity you plan so that you give the project a fair chance but equally, don’t go spending a disproportionate amount to what the possible return could be. I find that so many people are very keen to write weekly blogs, but in reality everyone is busy with their day job. Monthly blogs are a more realistic target and one that the team are more likely to reach. Think about the whole project and what the extra costs could be. If you are sending out a personalised gift for example, it is not just the gift you have to budget for. It’s the postage and packing, the analysis of who to send to and the tracking of the customer or prospect journey after they receive the gift.

And finally, make it clear to the team who is co-ordinating each project and who else needs to be involved. As with all marketing activity it is important that all members of the team are informed and engaged with the activity so that they correctly communicate the story.