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BM_HWBy Holly Webster, Creative Manager – Blabbermouth

There are many reasons to re-brand; to keep up with the competition, to adjust to a change in the industry, to reflect the expansion of your products or services, to appeal to a new audience, or perhaps most importantly – to keep your brand current and acknowledge your evolution as a business.

The experts say you should refresh your brand every few years. The key is to attract new clientele whilst ensuring you don’t alienate your existing customers.

Whilst the company ethos and offering may stand the test of time, it’s important to keep in mind that, just like a pair of jeans or the latest device, design, web and marketing trends have about the same shelf life. This means it’s important to keep your company on trend.

Glemnet Telecommunications is a good example of a client that was in need of a brand make-over.

Taking their established identity and colour palette, we were challenged with not only updating the visual side of the brand but also to refresh the tone and presentation of the overall company into a modern and exciting business. This was implemented by first assessing the core products that were on offer and then condensing them to create a succinct list. This was further illustrated with a fashionable set of icons.

The icons where then coupled with consistent branding across all printed collateral ensuring the product offering was consistently promoted and revised, updated messaging was included throughout. We also then reflected the new and improved branding throughout the company office through the media of wall vinyls. This not only enhances the customer experience when visiting the company, but also includes the staff and their approach in the refresh.

The brand is transformed into a company with a modern feel and reinvented attention-grabbing design. Read the full case study here.