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BM_EGBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

Social media has exploded out of the consumer market into businesses as an alternative way of communicating with consumers and handling enquiries.

What impact do you think this is having on our Channel friends? Do you think this is an opportunity that is being embraced or is social media just another fad waiting to fade into the background?

Social media has grown phenomenally over the last decade and offers businesses unprecedented opportunities to learn more about their audiences, earn recommendations, build a loyal following and ultimately influence sales. At Blabbermouth we strongly believe interacting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn makes social media a hugely beneficial tool within a business.

Social media is essentially an array of internet based tools and platforms that enhance the sharing of information. It allows users to share content, personal opinions, swap perspectives and discuss with other users around the world. Social media is not only relevant for regular internet users but is also hugely beneficial for businesses and slowly but surely, we are seeing it take off.

Social media marketing is a popular SMB discussion point within the social space today. Most of the buzz surrounding social media seems to be created by start-ups and entrepreneurs as a result of social media being a relatively cheap tool to set up and promote and market products.

The use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, help to improve SEO and promote brand exposure/recognition and is the fastest growing marketing trend.

Particularly for B2B companies, social media provides an array of opportunities to interact with customers and prospects, building valuable relationships. The B2B market is much smaller than the B2C market so expanding reach is imperative for B2B businesses to identify and generate new business leads and I think social media is an ideal solution for this. Social media offers a platform for B2B professionals to actively network online to share knowledge, solve problems and build their network of industry contacts.

Unfortunately, there seems to still be a vast amount of companies who are not yet aware of the huge benefits of social media. Updates in technology news, your business news or simply anything you can say about you and your organisation through social media creates interest and a reason to communicate with your audience. The Blabbermouth team believe this is the key message that we need to broadcast in order for the power of social media to really hit home.

At Blabbermouth, social media is a large part of our business and a main focus for all of our clients, no matter what their size. For us, social media is a huge opportunity to embrace and we believe it will continue to be a growth area in businesses as time goes on.