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BM_ES2By Elizabeth Sparrow, Managing Director – Blabbermouth

Executing an effective marketing plan is paramount to achieving any type of business growth however, here are some classic ‘don’ts’ to avoid.

Ultimately marketing is about understanding your customers and finding ways to communicate with them so put yourself in their shoes and you can’t go too far wrong.

    • Don’t be too strategic – Tactical thinking is only an element of how you achieve growth the execution is what will get you the results
    • Don’t neglect your ‘happy customers’ – Your existing base is your warmest route to growth, keep them loyal and they will help you grow your business
    • Don’t lose sight of your Key Value Proposition – So many businesses don’t even know what this is and without it how can you possibly explain to customers why they should buy from you?
    • Don’t neglect social media – It is instant, it is popular and it is free and you can’t say that about all types of media
    • Don’t forget to listen – Your clients are on the front line they are your best market research
    • Don’t think you are above marketing – You may have the best product in the market, your competition may be very jealous but unless you communicate this effectively to the right customers it really won’t matter
    • Don’t try and take on the world straight away – Identify your key vertical and use the smaller market to more effectively promote your brand
    • Don’t forget to have fun – The best marketing is often creative, fun and unique so don’t be afraid to be different – it is far more memorable
    • Don’t lose touch with your emotional side – Buyers don’t always purchase with their heads it is there hearts that will make their final decision so connect with them emotionally, make them ‘want’ your product and you have them locked for life