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elvire-gosnoldBy Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

Last year, it was unveiled that over 8 billion videos were played back each day on Facebook alone. IT companies such as Cisco are predicting that by 2019 over 75% of all Internet traffic will be video streaming content.

So, how exactly can you use video marketing to benefit you?


  1. Customer testimonials

What is better than capturing your customers glowing references on camera?

  1. Live product demonstrations

Webinars and livestream videos are increasingly being used by businesses to train customers on their products. Saving time, money and travel, these webinars and videos can be a huge incentive to customers, especially those who aren’t keen to read through technical documents.

  1. Explainer and tutorial videos

Having a stored playlist on YouTube and on your website of products demonstrations can be a valuable tool for customers choosing who they want to go with.

  1. Thought leader lnterviews

Get networking and interview industry figures and thought leaders! Interviews can be an effective way of expanding your company’s reach and showing you are up-to-date in your industry.

  1. Project reviews and case studies

Who wants to read pages full of case studies? Walk your customers through your process and create simple, visual videos to showcase your best work.

  1. Video blogs

Weekly company video blogs can be a great tool to personify your business, and let your customers in on your working life.

  1. Event videos

Attending or running your own event? It’s always a great idea to film your event experience to further enhance your company profile. You never know who will be watching after the event!

These are just 7 examples of how you can incorporate video marketing into your plan this year. With the digital age in full swing, it’s never been more important to incorporate videos into your marketing plans.