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BM_ES2By Elizabeth Sparrow, Managing Director – Blabbermouth

September has always been the month to deal with the aftermath of summer folly. The kids have gone back to school, the tan is fading and all of a sudden you have to fight for a place in the work car park again. After a few weeks of al fresco dining and the odd, hardly publicised, sports event Sales once again has your undivided attention.

Inevitably, perhaps, September becomes a month of new ideas, new campaigns and ultimately a new sense of focus. You may find yourself dusting off ye ole business plan and it may also be appropriate to have a little look at your marketing schedule too.

Times are changing and whereas social media continues to herald the new digital age video is now fighting for a bit of recognition too. The use of video by B2B marketers is up by 27% with 52% of marketers exploring this as part of their multi-media campaign.

Video caters for the impatient, information hungry consumers of the modern work place. As a tool it can be used to explain complex solutions in a manner that decision makers can understand rather than relying simply on text and then hoping it will be read and understood. It can also be used in training, promotions, hospitality events, exhibitions, website content and social media.

Despite the natural synergies between video and our technological market there remains a reluctance to adopt the medium. However the immediate challenge of budget, contacts and vision need to be overcome by your marketing department in order for you to access this new media. It is widely believed by B2B marketers that there needs to be 8 points of marketing contact in order for goals to be achieved, video may just be your missing link.

Top Tips:

  • Keep it under 2 minutes long
  • Build video into your wider social media campaign
  • Production quality should be consistent with your brand meaning video really can fit all budgets