In this digital age, it is no wonder that our appetite for instant information has become insatiable, and B2B marketing is no exception!

Whilst traditional forms of marketing are still very much the stalwart of a sales organisation, there has been an inevitable rise in the popularity of video. Communication of your message can be delivered with greater speed and more control. A sombre case study can become a feast for the senses, music can be applied and a human element is easier to communicate in the era of the docusoap.

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The beauty of video as an educational tool is that it supports all learning styles. Voice, visual, text all come together to serve the differences in individual’s ways of processing various types of information. YouTube, selfies, video phones etc., have all helped us become familiar to presenting and watching others. Plus the progress of software developments makes corporate videos more accessible and acceptable as a valid mechanism to convey stories and instructions.

Blabbermouth can deliver a variety of styles of video to execute a plethora of messages including:

  • Case studies
  • Tutorials
  • Animations
  • Presentations

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