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By Elvire Gosnold, Director – Blabbermouth

Be honest- who is still sticking to their New Year’s resolutions in month two? Even if you have lost interest in your lifestyle resolutions, there is still time to set a few simple action points to steer your 2016 marketing activity in the right direction. I like to think if we all had a few marketing resolutions, 2016 would be a calmer and more fruitful year for us all. Resolutions should be easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to relay to your team. Here are a few that will keep your marketing activity focused for 2016.

Identify your USPs – It is imperative that you know what makes your business better than the rest. Marketing activity is so much more impactful if you know what your strengths are.

Promote your USPs – You may know what your unique selling points are but does everyone else? Ensure your team are actively promoting your USPs and ensure the business as a whole is focusing on the same strengths.

Be social – Ensure your social media pages are up-to-date and on-brand. Set yourself and your team a goal to post on social media once a week. However ensure that the content is informative and professional.

Don’t forget your customers – It is easy to get carried away with new client meetings but remember your loyal base. Regular, informative communication with your existing customers effectively increases cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and can dramatically reduce churn.

Update your website regularly– Your website says so much about your business. Even if visitors are on there for just a few seconds, they will form an opinion on your company. Out of date offers, broken links, cheesy photos and old logos all give a very poor impression.